We believe in working together

We usually operate an Open Door policy and welcome parents and carers into the setting as we value your contribution as The Expert on your child and believe a successful partnership strengthens your child's experience at pre-school.  We normally encourage parents to help at least once per half term but due to current Covid guidelines we are currently unable to welcome you into the setting.

Pre-school Committee


Clifton Street Pre-school is managed by a committee which is made up
of parents / carers. Without a committee, pre-school cannot exist. The
responsibilities are wide and varied; whatever your experience or interests, you could be part of the committee and make a difference to the education of your child. See the Committee Notice Board and Fundraising Notice Board in the foyer for more detailed information.


Parent / Carer Rota

Updated June 2020 


Please note – due to Safeguarding Children Guidelines – you are not permitted into the toilets, even with your own child. If you need to use the toilets, please ask so we can check they are empty for you!


  • During the first part of the morning, please circulate the room and play with the children. 
  • During mat time, you may be asked to help prepare for snack.  Please ensure you wash your hands.
  • After snack is finished, please help to stack the dishwasher and  and wipe down tables etc.
  • We will then direct you to support an activity. You may be required  to help outside so please come prepared with outdoor clothing. 
  • Please help us clear up after ‘Busy Time’ including any paint pot washing etc. You may be asked to help put letters etc into book-bags. 
  • You are welcome to join in with the physical activity and also to sit on the mat at ‘Story Time’.
  •  If you bring in a younger sibling, please supervise them all times.  Due to legal ratios we cannot take responsibility for them – this includes taking them into the kitchen during washing up times.  For safety reasons, they must be strapped into a pushchair whilst in the kitchen.
  • Please keep safety gates shut at all times.
  •  Please do not answer the door to anyone. Staff must be aware / check who is entering the building.
  •  There is a 'NO MOBILE PHONE' policy in the building.  If you need to make a call, plese speak to a member of staff.

Please be aware that whatever you see / hear during the session regarding another child / member of staff must remain confidential.  If a child discloses something that concerns you, please inform a member of staff. 

Thank you for supporting us – your help is much appreciated.

Contact us:

Tel:01793 491187

Email: cliftonstreetpreschool@gmail.com


Opening hours from September 2020:

Monday 9.00am-3.00pm

Tuesday 9.00am-3.00pm

Wednesday 9.00am-3.00pm

Thursday 9.00-3.00pm

Friday 9.00am-3.00pm



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